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Annoncements made by Admins for the game
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Events organized by Admins
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Thread: PVP Tournament
Posted by: Mog_Reiuji

Report about a bug or an admin abusing their power here.
Forum moderator: Mog_Reiuji, Guy_Cecil
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Thread: Bug Report
Posted by: Xhaos

Game Information
The list of the game's recently updates
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Thread: Version 5 Changelog & Build
Posted by: Lion_Magnus

Suggestions and Social Talk
Suggest us what you think may be good for the game
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Thread: More suggestions
Posted by: Letsu
Talk here anything you want to say Warning: Don't talk about in-game glitches.
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Thread: Unique Characters List - Ava...
Posted by: Zerin94

In-Game Social
Guild Application
Tell your guild's name here and what are your requirement to join
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Thread: How to show a Guild
Posted by: Shizuru
Party Play
Plan a party play here for a boss raid, grinding or a PvP party between friends
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Thread: How to organize a Party Play
Posted by: Shizuru
If you need help for something, ask here Warning: Don't tell how to beat bosses but assist them if you didn't beat the boss they asked either.
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