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Version 5 Changelog & Build
Guy_CecilDate: Tuesday, 2013-10-15, 01:55:46 | Message # 1
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5.0 BUILD Changelog

    -    Battle System remastered: Tales of Xillia mode combined with Tales of Vesperia
    -    Menu System updated to version 2.5
    -    Difficulty System has been added: Simple, Normal, Moderate, Hard, Evil, Chaos
    -    Chain Capacity (CC) has been removed
    -    Assault Chain (AC) has replaced CC: Each action(Attack, Artes) consumes 1 AC, Fully recharged if no action or guarding
    -    Tech Points (TP) has been added: All artes are now using 1 AC and a certain amount of TP
    -    Weakness and Resistance added for both Players and Enemies
    -    Weapon Types added for Weakness/Resistance: Slash, Bash, Strike, Pierce
    -    Elemental Types remastered: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark
    -    Cinematic System has been added: Storyline is now shown better in-depth
    -    Title System remastered and updated to version 2: Following Tales of Graces's Title System, They can now level up
    -    Title Effect added for Title System: Increase temporaily stats if they are equipped.
    -    Bestiary updated: Show most important informations about Enemy's stats
    -    Artes remastered and updated: Max level for all Artes is now 5, Each has their own stats that affect in battle
    -    Battle Themes changed
    -    Excel Gauge removed
    -    Overlimit has been added, replaced Excel Gauge: Overlimit replaces the once-was CC Bar, when full, Press S to activate
    -    Items has been remade to fit the game's theme.
    -    Holy Bottle and Dark Bottles added: Attract or Repel Enemies
    -    Combo System updated to version 3: Combo is now shared in Party, Reset the combo counter if guarding or not attacking
    -    Status Effects updated: Now shown in Menu and Under the Character's HUD in Battles
    -    Save is now located in Menu
    -    EXP System updated: EXP of monsters depends of your level, the higher your level or party level, the lower the EXP

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Forum » Game Information » Updates » Version 5 Changelog & Build (The changelog in Version 5)
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