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Suggestive tweaks.
LetsuDate: Monday, 2013-06-24, 03:59:19 | Message # 1
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Let's start from the beginning, instead of it saying "Load" for an empty slot do "New", was searching for a minute then tried clicking Load only to realize that's what you were supposed to do in the first place.

Next would be fixing the chatbox flashing inbetween every dialog page, it gives a really bad first impression and plants a seed of annoyance. A lot of the tutorial dialog doesn't seem necessary, the page that pops up and tells you the keys kinda does the job, the only thing left is a simple explanation of how CC works which I recommend a rigged fight.

Rigged Fight: Battle starts, tells you to push Z to attack, you walk over and do that, gives you the next dialog of D for defense as boss attacks you now, after successful defend drop their CC to 0 and have them attack again, nothing happens when they push Z, can do a worried emoticon effect, another dialog window explaining how you need CC to attack and such, have it regen up to 1 or w/e, they attack again, rig it for a crit hit and pause to explain both ways to gain CC is crit hit and regenerating and yeah. Making it interactive like that would be a lot better, got bored of the dialog spam and didn't figure CC out until my first boss fight, was actually kiting instead of just defending too. Interactive>Pages of dialog.

Added (2013-06-24, 03:59:19)
"Message was too long."

Toss a message board or something near the beginning or where ever is obvious, interact with it to show a picture of the town and where each npc is. I know the town is pretty damn small but making the beginning as player/user-friendly keeps them from logging out within 5min of playing.

I know it's awesome to have a system that outputs text at certain speeds but unfortunately majority want to read it as fast as possible so they can get to killing shit, default should probably be instant. I didn't realize there was an options menu to change it until around Lv.15, figured if there was one it would be an option in the menu. Your fault for making the gameplay feel so console rpg-ish zzz.

Hotkey bar, idk I appreciate there even being one I guess? They don't have numbers to make it obvious, they're on the left side for some reason and would really like to have it on the bottom, do techs even have c/ds cause I really don't know the description for the tech only gives you a summary of what to expect, the games pretty solid with the system to show your CC amount and such, so you could display c/d's on the hotkey bar for the techs too

Chatbox window is just kinda sitting near the bottom right of the screen, at the least can you push it all the way down? it's in a really awkward position. Before Teridal updated you used to be able to lock and unlock the chatwindow, when unlocked it was a window you could drag/drop and increase/decrease its size to w/e, then locked would take that windows information, size it up and position it where the window was, but it was flat on the screen like this games is right now. lock/unlock system gogogo.

Need some practice room with an inf hp dummy that you can practice combos/techs in general with. I still haven't been able to figure out the range and timing needed for that earth pillar thing (katz/martial artist), it seems really weak too, even got lv.3 fury swipe that doesn't seem worth the CC when I can just push Z for same shit.

Shops, extremely user-unfriendly. I haven't seen a system where you type in a number for the specific shop page then it only displays like two items.. I just really don't get it, have you go through the dialog process all the way to the item you don't even wanna buy yet, you're just trying to check the req lvl and such, then you go to check another item going through the same annoying process and then have to deal with the scrollbarless chat window. All of these are huge turnoffs that even for a quick an easy system as a template until the real shop system is done it could use a serious facelift, that thing is batshit annoying just make an html organized window operated with topic() easy and very user-friendly.

Cooldown on random monster encounter my god I think 6 was my record where I'd be thrown into yet another battle only getting like 2 steps each fight. Should be like a counter system, the more steps you take the probability of getting into a battle increases while fresh out of one gives you a 100% chance at no battles the first step, then declines from there. It feels like it's simply a 1 in 5 chance each time you move. Also why are they even random encounters, tales games I've played they had the mobs there that you could avoid.

Why does male katz battle icon look so.. unmanly. If it's directly from a game sprite okay but seriously someone needs to give that gay lil creature some manliness. Atleast some rugged fur or mild upperbody definition.

LFG page, access it through key and it lists all the partys currently active and which dungeon they're wanting to run, operate through that page to recruit people and for those to join you. It's not fun playing solo then hitting a brick wall at cave of sorrow and having to spam around random people who probably aren't even doing that place anyways, lfg page would sort out and organize partys. lfg=looking for group btw.

Game is pretty fun and has potential, it's obviously new so it's all understandable, hope this helps give perspective from a new players first experience.

Forum » Suggestions and Social Talk » Suggestions » Suggestive tweaks. (A new players first experience.)
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