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LetsuDate: Wednesday, 2013-06-26, 01:10:28 | Message # 1
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1.) When depositing gald into bank, have it display how much you currently have in the input window

2.) Get rid of the input box for shop and just display what all there is to purchase, or if it's easier just display it all - and add a cancel item at the end.

3.) At the missionist NPC when selecting which dungeon to do, upgrade it to display recommendations, ie: Cave(Lv.1~11, 1ppl), Forest(Lv.11~20, 2ppl), Cave Forest(Lv.20~28, 3ppl), Catacombs(Lv.28-35, 4ppl) or something like that.

4.) Tooltip windows, they're basically miniature information windows, put your mouse over let's say apple gel potion and it displays next to it that it restores 30% of the targets HP, would be very useful for shop too, could just display every item and see whats available for you and what it does with tooltip.

5.) ImpiousĀ Fire: As opposed to holy water which decreases npc encounter rate, letting this fire engulf the air around increases the npc amount per encounter, or at the least adds addition waves of npcs per encounter. If an average fight has 3 npcs, it would be 6 or after the 3 are defeated 3 more come. The battles themselves aren't what's taxing, it's the constant breaks in between where you wait to finish the victory stuff, walk around then go back into battle. I'd prefer and love to fight a hoard of npcs incorporating skilled jump usage, kiting and good teamwork.

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