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Begineer guide
GhostDate: Monday, 2013-04-08, 16:16:14 | Message # 1
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I'll be updating this as soon as i can as the game comes up, but here's a start directly from my memory

AFter you choose your class, and gender you will be put in. Females do not be alarmed you will see a guy when you first log in. That is the prologue. You'll have to go up untill you see neo-chaos. Walk up to the shadow next to him not directly on him to speak to him. then you will read some things, and be put into a battle with him. Best way to beat him is to learn some of the easy controlls first xD.
Z is to attack there's something called cc which you can locate near the picture of your character during the battle. Cc is how many attacks you can make. once your cc runs out you have to refill it. you can either refill it by standing still (thats generally the easy but slow way to do it) or you can guard by pressing D.  Guarding lowers the amount of damage you take and is the fastest way to increase cc. Now another simp,le command is C although you don't really need c during the first battle since the boss is immobile it's still a very helpful command beating other bosses, and pvp. Last SImple command which is my favorite is R it allows you to run. RUnning is very efficient when you run out of Cc. Just run then jump over your enemy and go to the end of the map and press d for a quick reload in Cc. SO those are the simple commands.

Now that you know the simple battle commands  it's time to tell you the easyest way to beat the first boss. Run up to the boss and spam z untill you run out of cc don't run away though he can still hit you across the map xD. just hold D to recharge your Cc and take less damage keep repeating this and you should defeat the boss. Well this is just part one defeating le first boss.

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Guy_CecilDate: Monday, 2013-04-08, 19:45:21 | Message # 2
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Not bad for a good beginner help, Ghost. Keep up the good work and I may let you be GM in the game along with Cless, since you two are helping the game nicely with the others while i'm away.

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Forum » Suggestions and Social Talk » OOC » Begineer guide (Guide)
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