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Beginer guide Part 2 The menu
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The menu screen. So after you defeat the boss and get teleported to the main spawn point in suiguren central. You will be given skills, and weapons depending on the class you chose. to equip these skills, and or weapons press q it will bring you into the menu interface. to the top you will see 8 tabs. in order to move between them use the arrow keys. 

The second tab goes into the weapon inventory. press z which is also the interaction button ( see why simple commands are so important xD?) it will open a small slot showing your different weapons. Weapons vary from the class you chose. click the weapon to equip it. 

The third Tab is called the title tab. Titles gives you extra goodies/stats. You can obtain more titles to equip (note: you can only equip one title at a time so choose wisely :P) by doing small quests, and the main story quests.

Now here's one of the most important tab of all arte tab which is the Arte's tab. This tab is so special cause it allows you to macro super powers. Once you get the highlight onto the tab and press z it exits you out of the menu and shows a slot of your artes click and drag the art you want to one of the 8 small squares to the left. in decending order the top one is macroed as the number 1. If you don't know what that mean it simply means that if you press the #1 on your keyboard while in battle you will activate that arte at the cost of some cc. The amount of cc needed is explained to you in the Arte tab right below the skill in the slot. Some classes have the same artes, but it all differs. You can upgrade the these artes by the black smiths wife that i will explain later. 

Okay i kinda take back what i said about the Arte tab being the most important it's already quite clear all of these tabs have porpuses that are greatly affecting the game, and your sucess. Moving on to the first tab the item tab which if you press q while in battle will open up this slot. this slot holds items such as potions, herbs. These items heal your hp so you can actually survive in battle longer. Of course there's an arte that heals you to which is handy if you're in a party trying to take down an super hard boss. The items in this tab can be bought, and found if you're doing some grinding it's helpful to keep a good amount of supply's so you don't have to keep going to the inn every 5 minutes or so.

The 4th tab is probably the most simple, and most difficult to understand. It serves as the purpose to Show you stats. It shows experience, level/lvl, How much more exp/experience needed to level up again, Cc (Chain capacity), The items you have equiped, Strength, Vitality, Wisdom, Dexerity. Some of you may not know what strength, vitality, wisdom, and dexerity mean in this game. Strength increases physical damage along with increasing a small amount of your hp/ Health points. Vitality increases your physical damage, also increasing your health.  Wisdom increases your magical damage. Dexerity increases Accuracy, Evasion, A small amount of physical damage, and physical defense.

The patk, pdef, matk, mdef is just physical attack physical defense, magical attack, magical deffense.

Added (2013-04-20, 23:09:05)
Okay so slight mistake Vitality increases Defense and health. Please don't hate me for this xD.

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