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Ghost's Fan fic The Tale of Jaiko
GhostDate: Friday, 2013-06-21, 18:34:27 | Message # 1
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My tale started the day i had to learn the family's secret technique which would then one day become my greatest move.

It was a thursday afternoon. My Father had taken me to the dojo to teach me some new skills
"Okay son are you ready?" he asked
"Yes father" I said
"Well then first i should come clean and tell you our practice all 15 years were to help you learn this one move" He explained
"It uses all techniques hand movement strength, and thought" he said
"Furthermore it has been within the family for generations, and not only does our family has a taint of magic in it, but it's because of that magic that helps us use, and enhance that technique."
"Father... Hurry up, and show it to me already" i said impaient.
"Son were you not listening you already know it" he said.
"Can you at least show it to me so i can get an idea about it?" i asked.
"Okay son if that's what you wish" he said.
"Stand back" 
I did. He unsheathed his sword, and raised it in the air. ... I know that technique he taught it to me when i was 5... then a green glow started to encircle his sword blade. He brought his sword down with stunning speed that wind started blowing around like crazy as a green wave shot from his sword crashing into the wall shattering all the windows in the room.

To be continued~
Forum » Suggestions and Social Talk » OOC » Ghost's Fan fic The Tale of Jaiko
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