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Tales of Judgement is an original online action MORPG Fan Game created on BYOND by Team Mana.

Inspired by Bandai Namco's Tales Of. Series
The game is still in early development.

Official Release: No Release Date Confirmed
BYOND Version Required: 511.1375
Game Size: 117-118 MBs

Team ToJ:R Dev:
Guy Cecil (Gailardia Galan Gardios / Soma Schicksal) - Lead Programmer
Yuri Lowell (The Rising Omega) - Pixel Artist
Jade Curtiss (Jonasz) - Lead Spriter
Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear (DhahimeChan) - Spriter
Bruiser Khang (Kongman) / Lord Sheep (Sharky12) - Spriter
Nanaly Fletcher (Xhaos) - Debugger
Chester Burklight (Wateruser) - System and Stress Tester

Follow a storyline where your decisions may impact your surrounding and the World. Will you be known as a Hero or a Traitor? This is your story.

Menu System
Party System (Up to 4 Members)
Skill System (Equippable Passives)
Traditional Tales Artes such as Demon Fang.
An original story which affected by the player itself.
Big Events such as Server v/s World Boss
A Battle System known as ATTO-LMBS (Agressive Trust and Tactical Online Linear Motion Battle System)
Tales Representatives (Players incarnating their favorite Tales Character)
Cooking System - Cook learned recipes to heal and boost your allies' power
Bestiary System - Discover stats from defeated enemies
PvP System - Fight other players in Casual or Ranking Battles* (*Note that Ranking Battles System is in development)

Character sprites and backgrounds are copyright Namco Bandai Tales studio. Map sprites are copyright RPG Maker XP. All rights reserved.

©2017 , Tales of Judgement R

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